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Every FTG real estate attorney possesses decades of knowledge. With the support of our esteemed team of real estate paralegals, FTG provides a consistently smooth and professional closing experience.

John Goede, Esq.


Mr. Goede possesses more than 15 years of experience in real estate transactions and is a co-founder of Focus Title Group (FTG). Since FTG’s inception, Mr. Goede has been protecting his buyer, seller and real estate professional clients’ interests with an expert eye and keen respect for real estate-related laws and regulations. Mr. Goede is also responsible for ensuring the healthy growth of the Company and creating a sustainable culture built on integrity, honesty and professionalism.

“I’ve always prioritized paying meticulous attention to every detail and delivering a consistent, personal experience—undoubtedly, the most satisfying parts of my job.”

Avi Tryson, Esq.


Mr. Tryson has been closing residential and commercial transactions for more than 10 years. Personally and professionally, he has experienced every facet of the closing process, from every side of the fence: as a buyer, seller, real estate professional, paralegal, and attorney. At FTG, Mr. Tryson’s clients reap the benefit of his innately perceptive and accurate advocacy on their behalf. He deftly manages the entire real estate closing process, from document drafting to an on-time closing.

“It’s second-nature to put myself in my clients’ shoes: I treat them how I’d want to be treated. This dedication equates to a more meaningful relationship with each of my clients.”

Brian Cross, Esq.


For over 10 years Mr. Cross has been involved in real estate transactions.  From residential to commercial, from simple to complex, Mr. Cross has the background to skillfully guide his clients from contract to closing.  And in the event the transaction has some difficulties along the way, Mr. Cross is a seasoned negotiator and he regularly is able to overcome even the highest of hurdles to keep the deal on track for closing.

As a business owner, my clients’ satisfaction is of the upmost priority to me. I know that my perspective affords my clients reality-based insights which enable me to make the closing process more efficient and productive.”

Brian Cross, Esq.


Mr. Licker has 5 years of experience in the real estate industry, ranging from commercial and residential real estate transactions, to financing real estate projects, to commercial development, and everything in between. He relies on this breadth of professional experience along with his attention to detail to ensure that the closing process is seamless from contract through closing.

My number one priority is to ensure that our client’s experience is effortless, and I accomplish that goal through effective communication and problem-solving.”



As a Florida Registered Paralegal possessing more than 20 years of experience closing both residential and commercial real estate transactions, Ms. Unkrich has been involved in every type of closing and has dealt with, and overcome, every type of title issue. Ms. Unkrich’s insight, know-how and proficiency are invaluable qualities that benefit all of our clients.


With more than 10 years of experience as a commercial litigation and real estate paralegal, Ms. Webb has developed a vast knowledge of the closing process, and her familiarity in dealing with title issues and last minute hiccups allows her to effortlessly facilitate smooth transactions for our clients.


Ms. Whicker has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the closing process, and she is an integral part of our team. Her ability to handle concerns and problems and “can do” attitude is second to none.